Vacuum bags

Our product range includes a variety of vacuum bags that are used, among other things, in the fresh food packaging industry for meat, dairy, fish, shellfish, and pet foods.

Vacuum packing boards

The vacuum packing boards are protected against moisture on both sides. The boards are available in different sizes, with one side covered with gold- or silver-colored coating. Rounded edges.


Our range includes uncoated, PE-coated, and biodegradable biobarrier-coated cardboard varieties. Cardboard sheets can be produced in custom sizes, with or without creasing.

Protective PE & HD bags

We provide Finnish-made protective HD and PE bags for the food industry and bakeries. Our range includes a wide variety of sizes delivered directly from our warehouse. Bags can also be produced with custom dimensions and printing.

Meat and fish wrapping papers

Our wrapping papers are perfect for service, meat, and fish counters in grocery stores for packing foodstuffs and transporting products cleanly.

Fast Food & Restaurants

Our easily customized, high-quality fast food products provide the final touch to dishes served by restaurants, fast food restaurants, catering businesses, and pop-up restaurants.

Baking papers

The baking papers included in our product range are designed for professional use in the food industry, bakeries, and restaurants.

Packing paper

Our range includes kraft papers for durable packaging needs, flower wrapping papers, gift wrap, mackle paper, and tissue and sulfite papers for florists and retail shops, for example.

Paper bags

The ecological bags made from paper are suitable for packing foodstuffs, such as bread and pastries, crafting, packing jewelry or other small items, and mailing.

Paper carrier bags

Made from high-quality materials, our durable and ecological paper carrier bags feature flat carry handles.

Plastic bags

The plastic carrier bag has plenty of room and is strong enough to hold several kilograms of weight, which makes it perfect for packing and shopping.

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