Plastic bags

Durable and affordable plastic bags for packing

The plastic carrier bag has plenty of room and is strong enough to hold several kilograms of weight, which makes it perfect for packing and shopping. Our plastic carrier bags with a die-cut handle are also available with reinforcement patches that increase their carrying capacity. Available in various sizes, die-cut carrier bags are a popular packing option in shops and grocery stores. All plastic bags are available with brand-specific printing produced using 1–4-color flexographic printing.

Our plastic bags carry the Key Flag Symbol, and we promote the use of recycled plastic in our range of plastic bags. Plastic bags produced from recycled materials have been shown to have lowest emissions of any shopping bag, and they are manufactured using plastic materials from the circular economy. The plastic used for the bags is clean and harmless to both humans and the environment when used according to instructions.

Minimum print order for regular plastic carrier bags is 20 000 pcs. and 10 000 pcs. for die-cut carrier bags.

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