Packing paper

Various paper qualities in different thicknesses.

Our range includes kraft papers for durable packaging needs, flower wrapping papers, gift wrap, mackle paper, and tissue and sulfite papers for florists and retail shops, for example.

  • The strong kraft paper is suitable for packaging many products and protecting various areas. The grammage of kraft paper varies from 60 to 70 g/m2.
  • Wet-strength MG paper provides an effective and ecological solution for packaging flowers and gifts. The grammage of MG paper is 45 g/m2.
  • Mackle paper and sulfite and tissue papers are commonly used for packaging products, on the bottom of bakery crates, and as filler for shipping boxes. The grammage is 45 g/m2 for mackle paper and 30 g/m2 for sulfite and tissue paper.

All packing paper products are available in custom sizes as both sheets and rolls. The papers can be printed with a brand-specific design using high-quality flexographic printing.


Food-safe cardboard products for various uses.

Our range includes uncoated, PE-coated, and biodegradable biobarrier-coated cardboard varieties. Cardboard sheets can be produced in the desired size, with or without creasing. Cardboard products are also available in different thicknesses. Cardboard is well-suited for packaging and transporting foodstuffs, for example. Contact us for more information!

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